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The winning formula: eight factors that UKSA judges look for when selecting finalists for the TV Sponsorship category

There was a time when television sponsorships were something of a rarity – occasional interruptions in broadcast schedules that leaned heavily on spot ads. These days they are much more ubiquitous. As the impact of spot ads has declined, and...

YouGov examines Premier League betting appetite in six key markets

Ahead of the start of the Premier League season, YouGov conducted a poll examining the shares of consumers in various markets who would place bets on the world’s most popular football (soccer) tournament.
Although the survey was run about...

ING misshaped ‘Goals for Equal Opportunities’ leverages KNVB sponsorship and highlights football inequality

UKSA launches expanded Rights Holder Awards section for 2024: celebrating the role of arts venues, media owners and sports rights holders

What makes a perfect naming rights partnership? Ten factors to consider

Stadium and venue naming rights continues to be one of the most dynamic segments of the sponsorship business. Like everything, it suffered a setback during Covid-19, when sports and cultural arenas stood empty for months. But the sector has bounced...