Sponsorship Casebook

Profiled here is a small selection of winning campaigns from The Sponsorship Awards. Please click on the links to read the submissions.


Please note that campaigns featured here may not conform to the word count constraints imposed on entries (1,200) nor be the exact information presented to judges as we have allowed entrants to edit out any information they may not wish to be in the public domain and they are also at liberty to amend as they see fit.


Arts Sponsorship

Entertainment & Event Sponsorship

Charity & Community Sponsorship

Print and Radio Sponsorship

Sports Sponsorship

Grass Roots Sports Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship

Brand Sponsorship

First Time Sponsor Award

The ESA International Sponsorship Award

Best Use of Research in a Sponsorship Campaign

Best Use of Public Relations in a Sponsorship Campaign

Special Award for the Best Low Budget Sponsorship (under £50,000)