Welsh Rugby Union Shirt Sponsor Admiral’s Cheeky Choir Flashmob

Admiral, the insurance company and shirt sponsor of the Welsh rugby team, is leveraging the Rugby World Cup through a viral of its choir singing the Welsh anthem in the heart of England territory.

Welsh rugby classic ‘Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau’ (‘Land Of My Fathers’) was performed flashmob-style in London’s Victoria Station is led by former Welsh back row forward Scott Quinnell.

All 30 singers were from WRU sponsor Admiral’s own South Wales offices.


The web film, first launched on the insurance brand’s own YouTube Channel and Facebook page on 21 September, has been released to make the most of the build-up to the crucial tournament pool game between Wales and hosts England at Twickenham on 26 September.

The online film, which carries #TheWelshAreComing campaign hashtag, also drives viewers to the pages on its website dedicated to its sponsorship of the Welsh side at http://www.admiral.com/thewelsharecoming.

The singing stunt is being further amplified across the brand’s own social channels – such as its Twitter feed.


As well as simply showing that the Welsh are heading to London, the objective was to share the spirit of Welsh rugby and the passion of the fans with unsuspecting commuters at the railways station.

‘We wanted to do something fun and unexpected to get behind the team,’ explained Admiral’s chief operating officer David Steven.

‘We’ve been Welsh shirt sponsor since 2010, and our partnership with the WRU has always focused on our staff.’


We’ve missed the flashmob! 

Up until a year or two ago it was the go-to ambush stunt tactic.

This one is not only feels authentic, but it is also an activation that neatly blends external and internal activation.

Singing and rugby (and mocking the English) – what could be more Welsh?

Of course, in order to maximise their relationships, national team commercial partners (like England’s O2, New Zealand’s AIG and Wales’ Admiral) are having to be particularly creative in connecting their brands to the teams during the Rugby World Cup as they have no tournament rights and restrictions imposed on them range from protected ad space to a ban on all non World Rugby/World Cup sponsor logos on shirts throughout the competition.


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