IRN-BRU - BORN TO SUPPORT - Winner of the Sponsorship of the Year and the Sports Sponsorship - over £750,000 category

Winner of the Sponsorship of the Year and the Sports Sponsorship - over £750,000 category.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games
ENTERED BY:  IMG Consulting
AGENCiES INVOLVED:  IMG Consulting, LEITH, STRIPE Communications, PHD Media, BLONDE Digital

Create a rallying cry to galvanise pride across the nation. Use the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games to re-affirm IRN- BRU’s status as Scotland’s most popular drinks brand.

Be the most memorable sponsor of Glasgow 2014. Deliver a single-minded campaign, having some fun and creating some unforgettable experiences along the way.

‘Punch above our weight’, paint our home town ginger and deliver a phenomenal campaign.

And along the way, do things differently and transform AG Barr’s business performance.

With the ambition to capture the pride of the nation, yet to do so in a truly unique, irreverent IRN-BRU way, the campaign, Born to Support was created.

Built on the understanding that IRN-BRU is part of the fabric of Scotland and it makes 89% of Scots feel ‘proud to be Scottish’, yet in the knowledge that Scots aren't always world ‘beaters’ at sport, the driving insight was that when it came to support, they’re world champions!

We developed a three phase campaign, designed to build engagement from trade to consumers as well as capture the increasing excitement for the Games, help support Team Scotland during the Games, right through to (hopefully) celebrating Scotland’s success after The Games.
The foundations of the campaign were:

• 12 month Games time promotional sell-in to retailers – a business first
• Born To Support TVC to drive awareness
• Huge promotion to win tickets to The Games
• Creation of an IRN-BRU home in the heart of Glasgow
• Exclusive deal with Team Scotland providing first access to celebrate success
• Ongoing PR & social media campaign throughout Games time

The sponsorship was kicked-off with the first in a series of special IRN-BRU limited edition “sporting characters” using imagery from the brands history. Importantly positioning IRN BRU as the first commercial partner to activate.

• Be the most loved sponsor of Glasgow 2014
• Leverage national pride
• Raise IRN-BRU’s brand salience and brand noise
• Create memorable and enjoyable moments for consumers
• Hero ‘Sugar Free’ to raise its profile and positively change consumer perceptions

1. Pre Games: ‘Get Ready’

The Pre Games focus was on exciting consumers about the Games. Cheer We Go gave consumers a chance to win tickets and 1000’s of other prizes including Lucky Socks and t-shirts.

• It was the biggest on pack promotion in the brands history - 1.5M packs with 160,000 redemptions - prizes won every 10 minutes for 73 days!

• In-store drive-to-aisle sports challenge roadshow across 30 Tesco stores, increasing Feature & Display

• Cheer We go was promoted through social media (first ever) with 8% engagement rate

• Ticket winners received the ultimate IRN-BRU experience for themselves and four others. It included travel to Glasgow, overnight accommodation, IRN BRU hospitality @ BRU Hoose, tickets to a Games event and travel to and from the venue

2. Games Time: ‘Show Your Support’
Show Your Support was led by the final special edition pack, with the Glasgow Games Mark and iconic IRN-BRU Molten Man to drive awareness of the brands sponsorship of the Games and the Born To Support campaign:
• Born to Support, the brands biggest ever campaign, included outdoor, social media, digital, PR and iconic IRN-BRU IRN in our Blood TVC.

• The BRU Store (the brands first ever pop up shop) made from 9 shipping containers placed IRN-BRU in the heart of the city
o Sold 37,000 items including 8,000 Fanny (Fridge) Magnets raising over £20,000 for the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow

• 50+ Team Scotland athletes were interviewed on the BRU STORE roof throughout the Games

• The IRN BRU ‘Born Supporters Sticker Book’ digital app allowed fans to upload their best photo of support for Team Scotland- the 10 winners ‘faces’ were featured in outdoor ads

• 1million + consumers were engaged by IRN-BRU Facebook content every week of the Games

• BRU HOOSE (IRN-BRU hospitality) was the home of IRN-BRU throughout the Games, in the heart of Glasgow City and opposite BRU STORE
o It was designed as the ‘ultimate IRN-BRU consumer home – Orange door, BRU tartan throughout and even a fireplace & garden!
o Attendees received ‘keys to the door’ as part of fulfilment pack
o 1,200+ guests, consumers and athletes visited BRU Hoose over the Games

• It was negotiated that an IRN-BRU bridge would feature in the Opening Ceremony- a play on ‘Made in Scotland, from Girders’ tagline. IRN-BRU was the only sponsor brand featured in the ceremony

• 65 BRU Crew staff were placed throughout Games Venues to support caterers
o The Crew became the face of the brand, bringing the brand to life through fun interaction with the public and athletes – even Chris Hoy!

• The brand achieved unprecedented presence in the city, with the ‘cover Glasgow in Ginger’ visibility approach, including:
o WH Smith window displays
o Convenience store branded fascias
o Upgraded branded fridges in public spaces etc.

3. Post Games: Thank You
• IRN-BRU launched viral ‘IRN in Your Blood’ Thank You ad via Thunderclap during the Closing Ceremony

• Limited edition ‘Thank You’ IRN-BRU packs were produced following the Games

• A social & PR campaign sent ‘Messages of Thanks’ to IRN BRU supporters

Delivering the Games
• 4 million bottles of soft drinks were delivered to Games Venues over the 11 days

Employee Engagement

An engaging (non exclusive to role or location) plan to ensure all employees felt proud and part of Glasgow 2014 sponsorship was implemented

• 18 AG Barr staff selected as Clydesiders (Games volunteers)
• 9 staff nominated as Baton Bearers

• Queens Baton relay leg to Cumbernauld Head Office and main factory

• Sports Roadshow visited all sites with chance to win visit to the Athletes Village and tickets to the Athletes Parade

• 1,200 employees (from various sites) and families given tickets to attend Games event

• 114 ‘Golden Tickets’ were awarded randomly to staff over the Games The campaign, Born To Support was built on the insight that IRN-BRU is part of the fabric of Scotland – it makes 89% of Scots feel ‘Proud to be Scottish’.


All objectives were met or surpassed:
• 21% unprompted recognition, over 3.5 times more any other sponsor (Omnibus Survey)

• Total company turnover increased by 5.45% over campaign period

• 69% of customers across thought the sponsorship ‘appropriate’ and recalled AG Barr/IRN BRU as a Games partner (Omnibus Survey)

• 23% increase in Sugar Free sales during the campaign period

• ‘IRN In Our Blood’ TVC: social media reach 1million. 350k online views on launch

• ‘IRN In Our Blood’ TVC: #3 in the UK top 10 YouTube ads in July

• VoD activity: 81,547 audience, viewed 219,197 times ‘IRN In Our Blood’ launch: 31 articles. Reach of over 2.5 million

• ‘IRN In Your Blood’: 121,000 views on launch day

• 161 pieces of IRN BRU Team Scotland coverage

• Cheer We Go: 160,000 entries and 15,000 winners across the UK

• 64,310 POS items produced across campaign (excluding customer bespoke items)

• Consumer ‘faces’ on OOH media reached approximately 1.4m people on 6 sheets across Scotland

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