UK Sponsorship Awards 2022 - Guidelines for Entry


Within the entry, the following headings should be considered (in the order in which they appear).
1. Campaign background
Why was sponsorship, and this sponsorship project in particular, chosen to fulfil the communication requirement? Make reference to the selection process. Explain why this project was the right one for your business purposes. What did the business seek to achieve? Appropriateness to business goals and originality are key.  Judges will be looking to see evidence of sound strategic pre-planning.  Give evidence of your understanding of your target audience.

Campaigns showing particular evidence of innovation will be put forward for the Sponsorship Innovation of the Year Award 

2. Objectives
Be as specific as possible about what the campaign was designed to achieve and why (what its targets were – image shift, sales uplifts, return on investment etc.) and define your target market.

3. Execution and exploitation
Be as specific as possible about the mechanics of the sponsorship, the creative exploitation of the project (what tools were used to really make it work) and how it was communicated to its audiences.  Talk about how the campaign was promoted, the innovative exploitation of social media, the effective use of new platforms, apps, etc.  Outline potential for future opportunities and long term benefits. 
4. Outcome and evaluation
Relate results to original core objectives and provide researched results. If the campaign is on-going, provide results to date.
Whilst creativity and innovation are both very important criteria, the judges will be looking for evidence of effectiveness based on the objectives established at planning stage and on measurement of the results obtained to date. Highlight what you consider makes your campaign particularly outstanding/groundbreaking.

Word Count:  1,200 max (not including the 100 word mission statement).  Please prepare your submission offline and ensure that you have saved it.  Entry submissions will need to be cut and pasted into the online entry form.  Any fonts or typesizes will not be saved.  Please note that entries which include charts within the submission should be uploaded  as either a word document or a PDF (you will be given the opportunity to do this when you begin to complete the entry form).  We would also ask you to cut and paste the text parts of your document into the relevant boxes.  


Illustrations: You may upload up to four illustrations of the campaign.  Each upload can be one image or a composite of images.  

Video links can also be embedded within the text (particularly if they are very large).  Please ensure however that the supporting illustrative material is just that and not integral to the core entry.

Please select illustrations which could be used in an AV presentation if the entry is successful in being shortlisted (only stills will be used in the presentation). They must be high resolution images (300 dpi in jpeg, tiff, png, gif, pdf, mp3, mp4, wmf avi and ppt formats).  If possible, when uploading the files, please use relevant tag. Please avoid spaces, special characters and keep filenames to under 30 characters.  



The purpose of this new category is to showcase rights holder organisations across all sectors that have used their assets to maximise their income streams and provide better and more attractive offerings for potential sponsors and partners.

Judges will reward organisations that have a clear understanding of the identification and profile of their audiences, who have mined, sliced and diced their databases to ensure that they are sending the most appropriate and effective messages to engage fans with their sponsor partners. 

The judges will also be looking to see how effectively this has been communicated to the marketplace and that the marketing and sales teams are working together to offer a ‘best fit’ opportunity with optimum activation possibilities for partners.  Judges will want to see innovation and invention - an inventory of assets which stand out from the norm.

This category is open to all organisations who have a bank of assets of interest to potential sponsors or partners - whether they be an arts organisation, charity or sports body.  Please note, this category will be judged against different criteria to other categories.

Entries should be written with the following headings in mind:

1. Evaluation of assets.  These include:  audience, fan base, membership/season ticket holder databases, broadcast and digital media exposure, branding and activation opportunities, corporate hospitality offerings, facilities, access to ambassadors, community outreach, use of technology, etc.

2.  Activation of those assets.  How have these assets been best used to create a proposition and benefit current partners and encourage new business. State original objectives and outline delivery. What research is in place?  What delineates your offering/positioning from competitors?

3. Evidence of success.  Give examples of how the activation of assets has translated into material benefits.  Show how your inventory of assets has been presented ina way that challenges the norm - in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and creativity.