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UKSA’s Year in Sponsorship: Part 1

Let’s get this party started:  Six reasons why sponsors should embrace summer festivals

The UK Sponsorship Awards 2022 - Shortlist

Sponsorship in 2022: Themes & Trends

2022 is set to be another volatile year – with Covid infections, inflation, rising energy prices and supply chain problems expected to be a drag on the global economy. Add to that the increasing politicisation of sport (think of the ...

UK Sponsorship Awards 2022 Countdown - Winning Tips for Entrants

There’s only one surefire way to win a UK Sponsorship Awards – and that’s to convince the judges that your entry is stronger than all the others in the same category. Having said that, there are a few ways in which you can improve...

UK Sponsorship Awards 2022: 10 Reasons Why You Should Enter

The UK Sponsorship Awards (UKSA) organising team is currently in the process of gathering entries for the 2022 edition of this prestigious industry event. Open to brands, agencies, rights holder, charities and other sponsorship stakeholders, the plan...